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Denzil the Mouse Children's Book - Book

You can buy it here

Product Description
A beautiful children's book created by a mum (me) living with terminal breast cancer, her two beautiful children and a lovely heavily pregnant illustrator and great friend. Together we have made a dream come true and a totally awesome children's book. I hope the people who read this book to there children will help us share this beautiful book with the world! "When Denzil was born different his mummy told him he could still do anything he wanted. He comes across a few challenges when he goes for a walk in the woods and realises how lucky he is to be him."

Unbreakable Album - CD

Unbreakable is my first album to have sold well and made me beleive that really this is possible. 9 crimes cover is by far the best seller and Weakness in me (cover)
9 crimes has charted 21 times in the last 6 months on Itunes singer songwriter chart in the top 40.
Itunes - katherine crowe
All My albums are available on Itunes to buy. You can purchase each song individually.
buy this at Cd baby

Make you feel my love (cover) - Single

Only just put this one out - cover of a Bob dylan song that recently Adele did a great version of - sales are doing well
itunes - katherine crowe

still a Weirdo (cover) - single

Still a Weirdo is a cover of a KT Tunstell song which I love. Had really good sales in the first month and got played a lot on local radio station Energy FM by Simon Crookshank.
Itunes - katherine crowe

Missionary Girl - Album

Just Me - Album

Just me is the first album I put out by myself after gigging for about a year I realized I did not have a product to sell that resembled what I was doing - Just me and a Piano. At the time I only had Missionary Girl out which was produced. So I recorded this in Dave Armstrongs Studio in IOM and he did a very nice job.

Biggest seller on here are I dreamed a Dream - which has charted in 4 different countries on Itunes charts

Also Bridge over troubled water and The long and winding Road do well.
Itunes - katherine crowe

Missionary Girl - Album

This Album is the very first one I ever made with a Indie label. Top songs for me on this one are you made me feel and Missionary Girl.

It will be ok Trance - Trance track

This is the collaberation I did where Trance Djs Aly and Fila used my track on there new album Rising Sun
It will be Ok - Rising Sun Album
2nd track on the album