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katherine crowe: News

Everything Abbey Road - December 10, 2012

Link to the Katherine crowe SMILE for Christmas NO 1 page
SMILE is doing so well I have no time to update anything, but am doing my very best - - will try later SMILE is 17 in the Itunes download chart, 5 in Amazon chart and no 1 in itunes Singer/songwiter chart please add yourself to the fave book page above and download smile to help us get to no 1 for Christmas.

So my goodness. We went, we saw, and we had the most magical experience at Abbey Road that I could have ever wished for. It is beyond my wildest dreams and something that for me has been a lifelong ambition.

The London Metropolitan Orchestra were just the nicest people ever and just the MOST amazing players! The score for Smile was made by Julian Kershaw who is one of the worlds BEST Composers/Arrangers and has worked on Films such as Notting Hill, Stardust, Harry Potter and so many more. Martin Radford produced the score for Next to me which is one of my most personal songs ever, the score is so beautiful, I am so glad that Martin was there to share such a great day, he is a great friend and amazing cellist and what a score! Amazing! Andy Brown the conductor is just beyond amazing and one of the nicest men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and of course all the people that made this possible - well there are no words to express just what an amazing experience had by all - I am speechless, breath taken and honoured in every way to have been given such an opportunity.

So what now?

Well here is the promo video which I beg you to share share and share some more with anyone and everyone that you possibly can think of, to get it out there, so that people know the release is coming and what we have made.

The link to that video is here:

The aim of doing the recording at Abbey road was firstly just to HAVE THE AMAZING EXPERIENCE! but now we have such a wonderful and beautiful product it would be an awful shame to just hide it away and not be able to share with as many others as possible our special recording - it is such a timeless piece and recorded with real amazing and special people - to me it is just how music used to be made. Musicians all in the same room - LIVE - working in a magic moment to create something magic!

releasing the record is not about fame people. It is about trying to find a bit of hope in a magic recording. The aim of this single to be released on December the 14th on iTunes International and hard copy CD locally and the hope to at least try and get it to No 1 for christmas hoping it will help raise money for my family, along with research into ‘less toxic’ more targeted cancer treatments other than chemotherapy.

What you can do?

Spread the word, write to the papers, ask your local radio station to get playing it when its out, write to the Tv, share it with friends, talk about it and what its trying to achieve and of course buy it and ask all your friends to buy it - between us we can do this! Can not ever do it alone!

My cancer is progressing at a rate of knots and I am already enduring things which I never thought existed let alone would happen to me. If I did not still have hope and my lovely family and glorious moments still happening in my life I would have given up a long time ago. I choose not to live in the misery of what is happening to my body and at the moment have enough love and enthusiasm for life to keep on keeping on.

Abbey Road gave me a dream come true and the magic that happened there I hope will be shared with you all!!!

Here is an interview I had regarding the single and my cancer and where I am at

Biggest love kath

new concert - May 23, 2012

Katherine Crowe, Beverly Craven and Richard Walters in Concert - 8pm
Gaiety Theatre
Douglas Isle of man 01624 600555
Price: £20

This is a concert to celebrate life and living life to the very fullest. Including so many special guests and friends. Will be a night of emotional, evocative and hauntingly beautiful music as well as a warm and fab atmosphere that should leave your heart missing a few beats in the best possible way. A night of magic and memories and great singer/songwriters/musicians and friends. Half of any profit made will help towards treatments costs for Katherine crows treatment fund.

Magic Magic Moments - March 5, 2011

This is just one of the Most lovely magic moments of my life so far! Hope you enjoy as much as we did - Love kath

Inflammatory Breast cancer news - March 5, 2011

Hello lovely peeps

It seems that I have just been diagnosed with Inflammatory breast cancer - so time to pull out all the stops and do everything in my power to try and get through and survive a year of long hard treatment. To say that I am scared would be an understatement but I am convinced in my heart that with the love of me friends family and fans my little family can and will get through this together.

Adversity always gives us good stuff an I will take this on as a teacher and something that I can only learn great things from.

AS far as I know so far next week brings many scans to see if this cancer has spread from my breast to other parts (fingers crossed on that one).

Then chemo therapy for 7 months, followed by double mastectomy and many other wonderful concoctions.

Last time I had breast cancer - I was to proud to ask for help - but this time I am very aware of how hard this year will be so have decided to open my arms to any kind of help people can and want to give.

I am going to change the donate button on my page so that if anyone wishes to help my family get through this on a financial level they can. I am not proud any more and will graciously accept any gift given to help us get through what will be a tough year.

I will fight the good fight with every piece of me and hope this this experience will bring more love, friends, music, concerts and Joy to our lives.

I will update as regularly as I can so anyone who wishes to know what is going on, can keep up to date. Biggest love to you all and give your loved ones a squeeze and lots of love.


tickets for concert on saturday - February 24, 2011

Tickets all collected from outlets for Richard Walters and Katherine Crowe concert on Saturday - Can either call me to reserve a ticket on 07624 425368 - or there should be tickets available on door or pay £15 to paypal and I will write your name and leave on door - cheers peeps kath

Judith Leh show Manx Radio on Sunday - February 11, 2011

Will be on the Judith Leh show on Manx Radio between 9pm and 10pm on Sunday for great chat and great songs. Join us and have a listen will be playing some of Richards material as well as other great tunes and talking about well.................everything!!! Tune into Manx radio on Sunday night girls and boys - big love kath

Richard Walters and Katherine Crowe Concert - January 27, 2011

This is a concert not to be missed!! You may think that I would say that as I am the one arranging it all and performing but really - I have listened to Richard Walters album "Animal" for over a year now and it still takes my breath away. He has the most exquisite and breathtaking songs and voice, I can honestly say I have ever heard and to me is one of the best singer/songwriters of our time.
To be sharing the stage with this man will be humbling and amazing experience and I am happy to put my own money where my mouth is and take the risk on getting this man over to the Isle of man for you to hear.
You would be daft to miss a one of opportunity to see and hear Mr Richard Walter Live. Richard will be playing with Cellist Martin Radford.
I will be performing a set with Matt creer who I have teamed up with recently and found we make a lovely sound together, he writes great melodies and songs with amazing harmonies of which when we are put together - is just smashing!!! Also a short set with Kelly Sweetman who is a wonderful Cellist who I have performed with many times before - she is amazing!
So all in all come along and enjoy with us what is set to be a most amazing evening!

I will post some of his songs on my music page for you to listen Love kath - He is also in my links.

Some info on Mr Richard walters
Richard Walters
Single: ‘All at Sea’ out 12 April 2010
Album: ‘The Animal’ released 24 May 2010
UK tour and Royal Albert Hall date announced

“Dazzlingly beautiful, fragile and mesmeric” Clash
“Finally, a singer-songwriter that we might actually enjoy” Guardian
Did you hear the one about a guy from Oxford who conquered his drug habit, fell in love with an American, moved to Paris, and was struck by epilepsy during talks with major labels? If not, you’re about to get another chance, as Kartel will rerelease Richard Walters’ lush, love-lorn and critically-lauded ‘The Animal’ on 5 April 2010.
The past year has seen Richard’s mesmeric mix of falsetto folk with cinematic storytelling earn comparisons to Jeff Buckley and Antony and the Johnsons. Co-produced by David Kosten (Bat For Lashes) and Ant Whiting (MIA / Zero 7), ‘The Animal’ is both fiercely autobiographical and majestically imaginative. It chronicles Richard’s liberating/agonising time as a singleton, with 6Music and XFM fave ‘Weather Song’ describing, he says, “that great initial feeling when you meet someone new, before you discover what a horrible person they are!” Elsewhere, the title track draws broader, more dramatic strokes, delving into the world of domestic violence. “I put myself in the mindset of the person,” says Richard. “I had to be ... a cunt, really.”
On the subject of his figurative forays into the unexpected, Richard explains that he “had to be the complete opposite of the calm singer-songwriter”. It is this pleasure in the paradoxical that courses through his music, and is particularly evident on the quietly-iconic album artwork. A shot of Walters munching through his own set of headphones, you would be mistaken for thinking ‘The Animal’ is an ear-bleeding techno collection. Upon listening, however, one finds the album’s reissue bolstered by mandatory-but-no-less-brilliant bonus material (none of it techno). There is Richard’s idiosyncratic take on The Beatles’ ‘Julia’, on top of US sleeper smash ‘Elephant in the Room’. The latter was recently chosen by a contestant on ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’, and has caused something of a viral sensation, as classical dancers continually contribute their own interpretations of the track.
‘The Animal’ will be preceded by the release of ‘All at Sea’, which keen-eared viewers may have spotted on the recent series of CSI: Miami. It follows heavy radio support for ‘Weather Song’ from the likes of Gideon Coe, Terry Wogan, Steve Lamacq and John Kennedy. Later this month, Richard will fly out to Texas for South by Southwest Festival, before playing two high-profile shows supporting The Cranberries. More solo dates are expected to be announced. In the meantime, take a trick from Walters’s artwork, and tuck into ‘The Animal’.

27 March PARIS Zenith w/ The Cranberries
31 March LONDON Royal Albert Hall w/ The Cranberries

25 May BRIGHTON Komedia w/ Martha Tilston
26 May LONDON The Union Chapel w/ Martha Tilston
27 May TAVISTOCK The Wharf w/ Martha Tilston
29 May PENZANCE Acorn Arts Centre w/ Martha Tilston
30 May EXETER Phoenix w/ Martha Tilston more information, please contact / m: 07768 605 810

New EP with Matt Creer - January 9, 2011

Hello Peeps

Just trying to get a small EP recorded with Matt Creer to release in conjunction with our first performance together on Feb the 19th at the Centenary Center in Peel.

It is so nice to work with someone who can sing, write, play, record, harmonies and take some responsibility for getting things done!! Its nice and I feel we make a great noise together - so really looking forward to putting this one out.

So we will be busy little bees over the next couple of weeks, when we should have our first Cd together out for the world to listen to.

Lovely stuff - I will post up one of our tracks for you to hear - a cover of a James Taylor song called You can close your eyes which will be on the CD.

Love kath

9 crimes - January 4, 2011

This is by far my best selling song in the last 6 months. If you felt like you wanted to help me in any way - you could follow this link and ask them to play it on Radio 2.
My funds are so limited to invest back into my own music - it still amazes me how well it does do all via word of mouth but at some point - I either need a serious cash injection to keep doing this - or I have got to ask people for there help. Tis a bit like a Mexican wave - could be amazing but you need everyone to join in at the same time or it just falls flat on its face. If you genuinely like what you hear - please take a couple a mins of your time to click on the link. If enough people ask - then they will play it and who knows how many more people could then help spread the word

New Year! - December 29, 2010

So it is a new year and I intend to make a living from my music this year. I want to show people that if they try they can succeed in doing what they love.

So far this year I have proven that I can sell records and have a fan base and it is my intention in the new year to raise this to infinity and beyond!!!!!

I am gonna need your help! So any suggestions of marketing or getting the word out will be much appreciated!

Big love and lets all have a successful and happy New year!

OOOOOh New Live EP - April 26, 2010

Hello peeps

It seems that a long time has passed and I have not been in touch with people. Been hiding away.

Well time to stop hiding and get back out here. I am just finishing a new EP of Live material from a show I did.

Its only 3 tracks and I first I thought that they were a little to rough around the edges (recording) but I keep listening to them and you know they capture what I do - so hey ho - I am gonna put them out there for the world to hear and you can be you own judge of weather it captures something good or bad.

Also doing another mini album of covers and stuff which should be ready soon.

Love to you and thanks for listening - I will try and be a better friend and keep in touch much more often.

Love kath

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