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katherine crowe: Links

My facebook Page
Matt Creer
I am working with the fab Matt creer at the moment on a new EP of 4 songs and some live gigs - then we see how it goes and hope to do some more together. He is a fab writer, singer, guitarist and has many many strings to his bow so check out his website. he is a fab bloke to work with and I am so looking forward to releaseing our new EP and doing some gigs together. Love kath
This site has all of my music on to listen to for free so you can choose if you wish to purchase a song or not. Please go to spotify and just type in Katherine crowe and you can listen for free until your heart is content
simon park
Please have a look at this mans website he is the most astounding photographer and I have used two of his pics for album covers - Unbreakable and Make you feel my love.
Trance DJs
I worked with these guys on one of my tracks and hope we will work together again soon. They did a Trance version of one of my songs called It will be OK which has since been released on there Album called Rising Sun and on Armin Van Buuren latest Compilation Cd.
You Tube
For some footage of live work with the orchestra and on my own and lots of my music please have a look on you tube for me. Love kath
Anna Goldsmith
Anna goldsmith is a friend and great singer/songwriter - have a look at her you tube Chanel.
Richard Walters
Now this mans music is AWESOME!!!!!!!! If you have not heard Animal then you must find it and listen!!!!
IOm Symphony Orchestra
These are the fantastic Orchestra that I hope to work with more in the future
Adrain Cowin
A lot of the pics on this site are taken by Adrian Cowin - he is a wonderful photographer - please have a look at his website.
Red Gap
These are a great band - and ace friends!