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My children's book website for Denzil the mouse book is here:

You can buy it here

I am a singer/songwriter based on the Isle of Man. My dreams are BIG! To make music for film, to sing and collaborate with great artists and composers, to work and sing with Orchestra's and to just work with ace people and make music that people enjoy. And of course to sell Millions...... no wait gazillions of records. I have had some fantastic compliments from great artists:

Damian Rice - "You have an Amazing voice"

Joan Armatrading - "really enjoyed your cover version of my song Weakness in me"

Bob Daisley writer of Goodbye to Romance (and Ozzy Ozbournes Bass player) got in touch to tell me " I really enjoyed your version of my song"

all of which I am very grateful to have had such lovely encouragement from people I admire. I can say I feel I am half way there, and fully intend to keep loving what I love and doing all that I can do to make this happen and prove that anything is possible with a bit a belief and a lot of hard work. Here is a little insight into me as a person: goes. I like the thought of being old and being able to walk down the street with my skirt tucked in my knickers. I like seeing smile lines on peoples faces instead of the frowny type ones.

I love my kids although there are truly mad and are like holding a bit fat mirror up to your face that shows all of your inadequacies . They are the best. I Love that even though my husband and I have been together since we were 16, and know all the bad bits about each other, we still choose to be together.

I love films that make me laugh till I leak a bit in my pants and ones that make me cry so much that I wanna change the world and make it all just be alright every where. I love music that makes me shiver and singers that make me tingle all over. I love writing music that makes me bare my soul to the world even though the listener doesn't realize that's what I've just done.

I love beaches and mountains and the outdoors in every way - like growing my own veggies in my silly little garden and then watching my kids dance around when they realize that veggies really do come out the ground. I love rainy days when you get so wet and cold that a hot bath and a hot chocolate feel like heaven on earth.

I love my friends, people that think a lot and people that don't think at all. I like happy people and people that just love to bitch about the whole world. I liked that when I had breast cancer two years ago I got to look a bit like gollum from lord of the rings, I got to realize the importance of living in the moment and not to take life so damn seriously or myself. It taught me to laugh more, love deeper and allow people in to all of me, even the bad bits.

I like smell of coffee and fresh bread, love to snuggle up in a comfy chair with a glass of wine and to cook strange things that sometimes turn out wonderful and sometimes just make me laugh. I love to pic fruit and make Jam. I just love the simple things in life. The only thing I am driven to do is make, write and sing music and if I can make a living out of it I will a dream come true simply because I'll get to indulge a little deeper into a beautiful world of other talented musicians. Hope that gives you a little insight. My weaknesses are clear, I wear my heart on my sleeve, tell people far to much, allow myself to love and that can mean I get hurt. But hey ho better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Love to you kath

A little update since I wrote the above. I have now been diagnosed with Terminal Inflammatory breast cancer and have run out of treatment options in my eyes. I am now walking a road less traveled, although others have walked in my shoes before me. I choose to grab life, to love life and have a quality of life that is as good as it can be for as long as I can. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Choosing to dream like I'll live forever and live like I'll die today! I update my blog most days at the moment so anyone who wishes to read it can - I have no interest in opinions or judgments on what I am doing or writing but you or more than welcome to have one. I hope that you may get something nice or good out of it - but that is in your hands not mine! Love kath