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still looking up so far

Posted on April 9, 2014 with 0 comments
So today has been a good day. I have had a nice hair cut as it was getting so long. I have had lots of physio and tried to get me walking up and down stairs to see if my broken back can handle going home and getting up the stairs at home to the house. So far I can do all of the things presenented to me, so now I am beyond excited and scared of the possibilitlty of being able to get home again. Exciting because I never thought I would and scary because there is lots I still cant manage and am gonna need my man to help me with. So its a little scary to be that reliant on someone else.

I am also here watching excape to the country and imagining that if I ever got a life back I would so love to follow the dream of moving to another country I wonder if that would ever be possible, supoose I have to have dreams. I have had my evening medications so I wont write for long because otherwise I will start slurring my words so enough is enough.

I am eating well and so far am on the up, just [...]
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looking onwards

Posted on April 5, 2014 with 0 comments
So here we are another day and a good day it is to. So far so good. Catheter is out and I am managing so far tentitively I can get and go to the loo by myslef again. Please may that carry on its one of the best feelings to be able to hve privicy while going to the loo and I wish and hope that stays this way. Its a little thing but means an awful lot to me.

Other things I have managed a few excersizes in be d today and a couple of times I have managed with help to get up on my zimmer and just get down the hall way. Free spirit Zimmer is my old friend and is back in action to keep me up on my feet. I am very glad to have taken a few steps as a few days ago I never ever thought that would be possible. So lots of good things but just scared to push it to far.

So far now back in bed and just chuffed with what I have so far acheievd today which Is more than my dreams could have imagined. Fingers crossed for more of these dreams to come true.

A heart to heart with all of my family which [...]
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Looking up

Posted on April 4, 2014 with 0 comments
So here I am again. What a difference a day makes. Today was a lovely day, which allowed me to have a much better out look. I have just had my eveing meds which may meen I write some odd things or spell things bad but that is just the way it is and the timing of my blog.

So today I have had a bath and brushed my hair and begun to feel like a human again and that maybe just maybe there is a glimmer of hope that I may get to go home once again at some point soon.

I pray for that day with the whole of my heart and reallly really hope that is possible and today amde me feel that could be true.

I have moved about a little bit today and been told that even with the fracture in my spine I should still try and move a little as much as my body allows.

So what next just narrow it down to the now as always and go step by step second by second and see where we get.

Had my husband with me nearly all day today which was lovely and also mum ad dad to visit which is ace. Kids smiling and having [...]
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another day

Posted on March 30, 2014 with 11 comments
Posted on 03/30/2014 by Organizer Katherine Frankland-Davies
Its been an ok day today just taken as it has come along some really rather awful bits and some really amaing bits but all shared with the most amazing nurses that you could ever have the privalidge of meeting. I am pretty hardcore drugged up so may well be writting things that are a bit odd or spelling badley as I dont go back to check very often So please forgive me for those glitches.

Today we have learned new things about dignity, I have had to stretch even my own experiences further and allow new and undignified things to become normal and acceptable to a body thats not ready to let that feel acceptable. I am getting there and this body is doing very well and my mind - I am so proud of my body and mind. It has coped with just so very much over the last couple of days. I wonder how much it can carry on taking it all on and I suppose that is an easy question to answer really becuase that really is until I cant take it [...]
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when will the good times roll??

Posted on March 26, 2014 with 0 comments
So here I am in Nobles again and wondering again if I will ever recover - I have only been escaped for like 4 days or something and its getting harder and harder to keep positive, to keep wading through treacle in the hope for a better tomorrow.
But what else can I do other than try and keep hopeful that somehow by giving myself up to the universe and just free falling somehow I will make it to whatever destination is planned for me. Or maybe there is not one? Who knows, all I know is that the journey there lately is so tough that it even makes focusing on now very hard because now is so hard.

Yet still when I allow myself to just be in the moment, in this moment I am peaceful and a great calmness does come over me. So I still think it is best to be here and present in the now - its the only place to be.

I am so sad that my kids have to keep getting there hearts broken, one minute I am home and then gone again. That tears me apart, but again if I give in to it and allow it to be just [...]
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